Additional Lights & Sockets

Additional Lights & Sockets

The hands of an electrician installing a power socket

Additional Lights, Switches and Power Sockets

Are you looking to add more lights, switches or electrical outlets to your home? You have definitely come to the right place as JAR Electrical have all the tools and expertise you could possibly need to professionally install any extra electrical outlets or lights you might need.

Additional Electrical Outlets

Being the main point of access in our homes, electrical outlets play a vital role in the running of our day-to-day appliances, giving power to almost every appliance we use in modern day life. Our homes have changed dramatically since electricity was discovered all those years ago, and virtually every home you walk into now has a fridge, freezer, cooker, microwave, computer, tv (or multiple), DVD player, SKY, Games Consoles, Telephone (or multiple), as well as broadband and various other pieces of electrical technology. With more appliances being purchased, the need for more electrical outlets is increasing constantly.

Not only do we use all these static appliances, but we use portable devices like vacuum cleaners, mobile phones and irons, which can all be used anywhere in the home.

Older Homes

Electrical outlets are far more scarce in older homes where you might find only one socket per room, and in some cases, not even that. With the amount of electrical appliances used in modern times, the chances of fires occurring in older homes is far more likely. Instead of having electrical sockets installed, people tend to take the easy option of overloading sockets with multiple extensions or double power adaptors. If you live in an older home and you don’t have enough electrical outlets, or you have ones which are faulty or broken, make sure you get in touch with JAR Electrical today before you start a fire. The cost of replacing your home is far greater than adding more electrical sockets to your home. Replacing family members is impossible. Please remember that.

Additional Lights

JAR Electrical are able to provide you with a variety of additional lights, including:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Lights
  • Down Lights and Dimmers
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Bathroom Lighting
  • Chandeliers and Artistic Lighting
  • Stairs and Pathway Lighting
  • Spot and Flood Lighting
  • Complete Home Packages

If you live in East midlands or any of the surrounding areas, and you are looking for additional lights, switches or power sockets, make sure you get in touch with JAR Electrical today and speak to us about your requirements. One of our friendly electrical experts will be more than happy to help you.