Pat Testing

What is PAT Testing and why is it required?


Portable Appliance Testing or “PAT” testing as it is more commonly known is used to comply with the multiple health and safety legislations that have been put in place. JAR Electrical are able to perform a number or tests to ensure that all equipment meets the required safety standard.

PAT Testing is important for a number of reasons and is carried out not only commercially but domestically too. Failure to comply with health and safety legislations and have your electrical equipment PAT tested could result in a fine, prosecution or even imprisonment.

Where is PAT Tested needed?

PAT Testing isn’t restricted to businesses but is need in these circumstances:

  • Equipment is used by employees
  • The public uses electrical appliances in places like hotels, schools, village halls, shops.
  • Where electrical appliances are hired or supplied
  • Where electrical appliances are repaired or serviced
  • In rented flats

How often do my items need to be PAT Tested?

The frequency of testing electrical items depends on the environment in which they are used. by following the IEE guidelines on PAT Testing, JAR Electrical can determine the frequency in which your appliances need to be tested.

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