JAR Electrical offer rewiring services to people based in the East midlands  and the surrounding areas. As a team of electrical experts, we are quick to identify problems and establish whether or not rewiring is necessary. We use a professional approach and can visit at you at your home, helping with all aspects of rewiring and advising you on the best actions to take.

Outdated electrical wiring is a common cause of house fires and can be dangerous if left for a long time unnoticed. JAR Electrical recognise how important electrical safety is in your home and know how vital it is to find out whether your home needs rewiring in any way. Existing properties that were built over 50 years ago are likely to have less sockets that homes which are built nowadays. This can lead to extension leads being lead all over the house and an increased risk of socket overload from gadgets and appliances. When sockets are overloaded, there is a significant increase in the chance of a fire occurring in your home and because of this, we recommend all old homes with a lack of sockets go through the process of rewiring.

As well as the increased risk of fire from overloading sockets, old wiring can become damaged or deteriorate over time if it is made from outdated materials. The damaged wiring can cause a fire too. If a fire happens, the safety of your home and everyone in it will be in jeopardy, costing a lot more money than it would have done if you had come to JAR Electrical for your rewiring to start with. We aren’t trying to scare you though, simply protect you.

Does my home need rewiring?

There are several reasons why your home may need rewiring and it’s not difficult to find out if it does or not. If you live in a home where fuse boxes are constantly blowing or sockets tend to overheat, there is likely to be something wrong with the electrical wiring. If sockets don’t work at all, then there is definitely something wrong with your electrical wiring.

If you live in an old home and you know that the wiring definitely hasn’t been changed for the last 50 years, it’s a good idea to get your house rewired, rather than waiting for problems to occur.

If you live in a home where some or most of the rooms only have one socket per room and you need to use extensions a lot throughout the house, then we would advise you look into getting additional sockets added. Doing this could prevent sockets from overheating and in turn, significantly reduce the chances of a fire.

Rewiring takes a lot of work, and isn’t a quick job. JAR Electrical will need to evaluate every room of your home and pull together a plan which will make your house a lot safer to live in. Some might consider rewiring to be an expensive job but with the amount of fires that occur each year due to old or fault wires, it’s a job that shouldn’t be neglected. A good time to have rewiring done is when you move into a new home or when you are refurbishing it.

Contact JAR Electrical today for any advice on rewiring your house.