Security Lighting

Garden & Security Lighting


JAR Electrical are able to provide you with security lights for your home or garden. Our range includes simple single passive infrared lights and LED garden lighting which is operated by a series of movement sensors, light sensitive sensors and time controls. Having strong lights which are activated by movements is a good way of deterring intruders from the premises of your property.

Why do I need Security Lighting?

Protecting your home and your family from the potential of robberies and intruders is important. By using security lighting from JAR Electrical you can take giant leaps forward in ensuring your property is well looked after. Combine security lighting with a high quality CCTV system and you will feel a lot happier about the safety of your home and everyone in it.

Security lighting is a must have for anyone who is worried about the welfare of their home and the people who live there, however, more and more people are using garden security lights as a way of livening up their gardens at night, providing it with an attractive glow that kicks in after dusk. You can choose the time your lights come on, leave them on through the night, or manually turn them on in the evening when you want to go outside. The power is firmly in your hands.

Different kinds of Security Lighting

In recent years, LED lighting have taken the market by storm thanks to reduced running costs and the fact that lamps now last for many years, rather than months. The running costs of a 500W halogen security light can be cut down by 90% just by installing LED with no reduction on the light output and overall effect. The LED lighting we use here at JAR Electrical are proven to last for up to 40,00 hours and cost very little to run.

  • Below you can find a small selection of the lights in which we offer:
  • 150w Floodlights
  • 500w Floodlights
  • Son Lighting
  • LED Maintenance Free Floodlights                                                                                    If you live in the East midlands , JAR Electrical can give you as much advice as you need on Security Lighting and visit you at your property to expertly install it. Contact us today and speak to one of our dedicated team regarding any plans you have in mind. We hope to hear from you soon.